Wholistic Natural approach to Wellness/Medicine

Healing can be achieved if you open the door of possibility. You hold the key. Create the space for wellness and we will partner together for your optimal health. You are not alone.

Dr. Angel Wood (Specialist)                               D.H.L.,Ph.D.,M.S.O.M.,L.Ac.,CCT.                       Acupuncture,Chinese Herbs,Colonic,       Ionic Foot Bath,Spiritual Wellness                     240-755-5925                                                                

The goal of Innovative  Alternative Acupuncture, is to heal the root cause of your problems and not cover up the symptoms.   


As Your Specialist in Oriental/Eastern Medicine, 

I will utilize Chinese Herbs, Acupuncture,Cupping,Reflexology, Acupressure and Moxa

techniques to

 help during the healing process. These wholistic natural healing modalities will bring wellness to your body, mind,and spirit without unhealthy side effects. Your body will begin healing from the inside out.  


I will be honored to help you and your family on this holistic journey of health, balance, and wellness.


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