Wholistic Natural approach to Wellness/Medicine

Healing can be achieved if you open the door of possibility. You hold the key. Create the space for wellness and we will partner together for your optimal health. You are not alone.

Dr. Angel Wood                                                   D.H.L.,Ph.D, L.Ac.,N.A.D.A.,CCT Acupuncturist,Herbalist,Colonic,Spiritual Wellness and Ionic Foot Bath                               240-755-5925          


Medical and Research Technology/Biotechnology Degree from University Of Maryland Medical School, Masters Degree in Acupuncture from Tai Sophia Institute of Natural Healing ,Masters Degree in Chinese Herbs and Oriental Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health, Blood Born Pathogen Training, Radiation Training, N.A.D.A Training, Clean Needle Technique Training. I am a member of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) and the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA). I received an Honorary International Doctors Degree because of my Eastern and Western Medical studies over a 20 year span.  This is one of the highest international degree honors that can be bestowed upon you for your contribution to studying and implementing healing medicine to all cultures of people.This degree is recognized in states and countries. I am known as an International Honorary Doctor through out the world. Certified Colon Hydro Therapist (Colonic) utilizing the AngelofWater system. Currently,  I volunteered once a week at the Baltimore American Indian Center (BAIC). And I am currently volunteering at Shepards free clinic in Baltimore City. 

Tai Sophia Institute is the first college in the United States of America to offer an accredited Masters Degree in Acupuncture and other natural healing modalities.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I spent 5 years studying Chinese Medicine under some of the top known Practitioners in complementary healing. I've learned that symptoms are viewed as a relationship with the whole body and in order to bring healing and balance to the whole person, We must explore the underlying cause of an illness or dis-ease.  The symptoms may show up on a physical level (shoulder pain, back pain, headaches etc.), mental emotional level ( stress, hypertention/HBP, hypotention/LBP, etc.) spirit level ( sense of hopelessness, loss, emptiness etc.)



My mission is to bring about healing that is unique to each individual.  I will utilize many different styles of healing medicine to open the door of wellness in your life.  The knowledge,skills and abilities that I have gained over many years will be   combined to reawaken natural healing within your body, mind and spirit.

I believe that healing exist in all life and in many forms of energy.  Its a matter of reintroducing yourself to the true person in the mirror while allowing the gifts in you to shine.


Do you sometimes ask yourself these questions?

1.  Have my lifestyle choices become detrimental too my well being?

2.  Why is my mind unsettled? 

3. Why is the pain in my body worsening and my medical visits/cost increasing?

4.  What can I do to increase energy?

5.  How can I build balanced/positive relationships with myself and others? 

6.  How can I continue to maintain good health?

7. Do I struggle with addictions ,such as, alcohol or drugs or food or sex or other people or gambling?



I sometimes ask myself these same questions and questions like this remind me of my humanity.  It's  OK  to contemplate these thoughts.  NOW, what to do with your thoughts and physical discomfort is a different process!

As your Alternative Medical Practitioner, I will remove blocked energy while teaching you to become one with yourself and everything around you.   You deserve happiness,well-being and good health, allow me to partner with you to restore the true essence of your unique self.

For those of you who do not entertain these thoughts or feelings of dis-ease on a body,mind and spirit level please allow me to partner with you in maintaining good health and well-being through preventative medicine.


My Personal Journey to Becoming a Healer

I began learning about healing at a very young age.  My grandmother and mother told me to touch peoples body because they were hurting.  Through out my life, I was being asked to touch people in their most painful areas.  These people became soothed by my touch.  Other situations guided me on my quest as a healer and this particular incident set the stage for my wonderful journey.  We do not walk this world alone and there is an abundance of love, light and healing within us and all around us. You must be willing to open the door of possibility towards self-awareness and universal love while allowing the energy of healing to manifest in you and through you. You are never alone.




One of my clients said"I was dead to the world until you taught me how to recognize love within myself and receive love from my surroundings".

Each individual is different  therefore their healing experience is personal to them.  Read more from the sidebar.